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Common Causes of Dry Eyes and How to Treat Them

Tears are a combination of water for moisture, oils for lubrication, and mucus, so they spread evenly. They also have special proteins and antibodies to prevent infection.

How to Take Contact Lenses in and out Safely

Inserting and removing your contact lenses can be tricky. Not everyone masters it immediately since it takes some time.

Does Your Child Need an Eye Exam?

Children bring new energy and fresh perspectives to the lives of everyone around them. Their vibrance and excitement come from how they experience the world around them. They are always eager to share everything they learn and their new experiences. Most of what they learn is through observation. Because of this, eyesight is vital to a child's development. 

Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses: A Guide

Contact lenses are a welcome option for many people who do not like wearing glasses. It is especially so if you have an active lifestyle or play sports often. They promise a life free of the hassle of being constantly conscious of the frames on your face. While they free you of the hassle of keeping track of your glasses, contacts come with their own. 

Eye Exams for Seniors: The Importance of Regular Exams As You Age

As you get older, taking good care of your health is crucial. This includes your eye health. Eye health experts suggest that about one in three seniors experience some eye disease or vision reduction. Regular eye exams are vital to monitor your eye condition and provide preventative care. You are likely to experience vision changes as you get older. 

A Guide to Choosing the Right Contact Lenses

Most people have a second experience after their glasses moment. It usually comes when they get contact lenses. The freedom of using contact lenses, especially after wearing eyeglasses for so long, is incredible. They are incredibly life-changing if you are an active person. However, quite a bit goes into choosing the right pair for you.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses Even on Cloudy Days

Most people understand the importance of wearing sunglasses outdoors during hot summer days. Good quality sunglasses help protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and help prevent glare. Most people need to realize that sunglasses are vital even on overcast days. 

6 Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Optometrist

As routine eye exams are a critical part of eye care, it is best to find a good eye doctor to perform them. When you move to a new place, finding a good eye doctor is right up there with a good dentist.

Remember to Ask Your Optometrist These 4 Questions

It is essential to go for your eye exams whether you are experiencing problems with your eyes or if they are okay. They help detect slight issues that may not bring about symptoms. The result is early treatment of conditions that could lead to vision loss.

Back-to-school Eye Exams Are Essential: Here's Why

As a parent, you might find preparing your young one for school overwhelming. You worry about your child's new haircuts, school supplies, and clothes. There is often a long list of things to complete before returning to school, making it easy to overlook some of them. One of them is taking your child for an eye exam.

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