Back-to-school Eye Exams Are Essential: Here's Why

As a parent, you might find preparing your young one for school overwhelming. You worry about your child's new haircuts, school supplies, and clothes. There is often a long list of things to complete before returning to school, making it easy to overlook some of them. One of them is taking your child for an eye exam.

Early eye exams are crucial in ensuring your child has healthy normal vision. It enables them to perform well at school and play comfortably. Early detection of your child's vision issues is also essential because they respond to treatment better.

Here are more reasons why a back-to-school eye examination is vital for your little one.


Many Vision Issues Develop at This Age


You may have noticed your little one sitting close to the TV when watching their favorite show. Although it is a common habit, it could also be a sign that they have nearsightedness (myopia). This refractive error results in having a clear vision of nearby objects while having trouble seeing distant objects. 

Your child will struggle to see the board if you do not attend to the condition, which could interfere with their education. A back-to-school eye exam at Blue Hills Eye Associates will assess if your child may need a form of vision correction.


Children Rarely Realize They Have Vision Problems

Unlike adults, children will rarely realize they have vision issues. According to research, one out of four children suffers from undetected vision conditions. Many of them seldom show noticeable symptoms in the early stages. 

It is why it is essential to have your child's eyes checked before going back to school. Your optometrist is well-trained to identify any unnoticeable vision issues and provide treatment at an early stage.


The Use of Digital Devices

Laptops and projectors are now part of your little one's education. Consequently, they are more exposed to the blue light emitted by the gadgets. It puts them at a higher risk of developing vision problems. 

Your optometrist may recommend using computer eyeglasses to protect their eyes. When your child spends long hours staring at digital screens, they are at a higher risk of developing digital eyestrain. Signs of this condition include:


  • Blurred vision

  • Headaches

  • Eye pain

  • Dry eyes

  • Eye fatigue

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Dry eyes


Prompt Management of Vision Problems

The sooner your optometrist identifies the vision-threatening condition, the better the chances your little one has of enjoying clear vision. Not only is it beneficial for their academic performance but also their outdoor activities. 

Prompt management of eye health issues using corrective lenses or vision therapy may benefit your child.

Experts report that 80 percent of what your little one absorbs in school they learn visually. For this reason, your child may be at a substantial disadvantage if they have undetected or untreated vision problems. Hence, ensuring your child gets a comprehensive eye exam before school starts is of utmost importance.

For more on back-to-school eye exams, visit Blue Hills Eye Associates at our office in Braintree, Massachusetts. Call (781) 794-2200 to book an appointment today.

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