The Process of a Contact Lens Exam

The process of a contact lens exam is similar to a standard eye exam. But there are a few differences. There are a few more processes too. They ensure the contact lenses are a good fit for proper vision correction. Here is a look at what the process of a contact lens exam entails.

Standard Eye Exam

When you go for a professional contact fitting, your eye doctor begins with a comprehensive eye exam. This includes recording and reviewing your health history. They will then perform standard eye tests such as refraction tests, retinoscopy, cover tests, and more.

If you are wearing contact lenses, your eye doctor will check for any changes in your eye’s surface. After gathering this information, your ophthalmologist can now fit you with appropriate contacts.

Choosing Suitable Contact Lenses

During this stage, you will both discuss a few things, including your preferred contact lenses and expectations. This may include contacts that change or enhance your eye color. You could also opt for overnight or daily disposable contact lenses. Also, you will discuss your current contact lenses if you have them. Your eye doctor will ask if they are comfortable or adequate for your vision correction needs.

If you experience dry eyes, there are special contact lenses for this purpose. Also, your age is another factor. If you are over 40, your eye doctor is likely to recommend age-related alterations to your vision. This can include presbyopia, a condition that is treatable with contact lenses.

Measuring Your Eye Surface

Your eye doctor will then take precise measurements of your eye surface. This ensures you get proper fitting contact lenses. They measure the curvature and surface of your eye, including recording the size of your iris and pupil. Proper-fitting contact lenses are integral for both vision correction and comfort. The information will help compensate for the differences between eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Examination of Your Tear Film

Tear film evaluation is necessary if you suffer from dry eyes. It helps your doctor evaluate the amount of tear film on the surface of the eye. The results from the test will evaluate if your eyes yield enough tear film to accommodate the effective functioning of the contact lenses.

If you have inadequate tear film, you might not be a good candidate for contact lenses. However, there are newer solutions. Contact lenses that provide moisture are available and can be a good fit for you.

Fitting the Contact Lenses

This is the final step after completing all the exams. Your doctor will fit you with a pair of contact lenses on a trial basis. The specialist will examine their movement on the eye surface, including their alignment. This is to confirm that they are a good fit.

Other tests will follow to ensure the prescription is right for you. If everything is in order, eye doctors recommend wearing the trial lenses for one week, with a few follow-up exams. This is to monitor if the lenses are perfect for you. If so, you can make an order of the contact lenses.

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